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Difference between the spoken and written forms of Malayalam language



Malayalam is one of the South Indian languages. It is the official language in the state of  Kerala  and the union territories of  Lakshadweep. If you are learning Malayalam for first time, you may have some difficulty in pronunciation of some Malayalam words. Through practice, you can improve the language a lot. Among the Indian languages, Malayalam alphabet has the largest number of letters.  


Today, many websites provide the facility of learning the Malayalam language. Select one as per your choice after doing some research. Once you learned the alphabet of Malayalam it is easy to understand the language while watching movies, Malayalam news in television etc. While watching Malayalam movies and comedy television programs you can easily understand the difference between the spoken and written forms of Malayalam language.  


For the English word namely “come” its Malayalam equivalent in polite form is “varu”. If you care talking to a younger child, instead of “varu”, you can say as “va”. Like that many words in Malayalam may have different forms while speaking as well as writing. Like that, for the English word “she”, the corresponding Malayalam equivalent “aval”. The word “aval” can be used while talking to a friend or the other person is less than that of your age. If the person is an older woman, then instead of “aval”, it is good to use the word “avar”.    


As you know, practice makes a man perfect. You can practice the Malayalam language with a friend through online or off line facility. Malayalam knowing friend can definitely correct your Malayalam pronunciation. Many websites provide the online facility to improve the language through voice chat option with other Malayalam speaking partner, by writing Malayalam emails, you can practice the Malayalam language etc.   

Even though Kerala can be divided as three regions namely Southern Kerala, Central Kerala and Northern Kerala, there will be slight variations in the spoken language of Malayalam speaking people. Also the Malayalam speaking people staying near to Tamil Nadu as well as Karnataka have the influence of Tamil and Kannada.  The website namely helps you to know more about Malayalam words. www. Learning another state’s culture through the language is a good step by communicating with different people and the regional books.  

In Kerala, a word in two parts of the place may have different meanings. For example, for the English word namely “papaya”, do you know what to say in southern Kerala as well as in Northern Kerala. In southern Kerala it is called as “Omaykka” while in Northern Kerala it is called as “Kamos”. The website also helps you to know more about the language. Be a proud person in learning as well as speaking Malayalam language and use the facilities like internet to know Malayalam literature more at the comfort of your home itself. If interested, you can translate many Malayalam books to any other language of your choice and vice versa.  

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