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Easier ways to read and write Malayalam in Computer  


Do you know the easier ways to read and write Malayalam in computer? At first Malayalam fonts should be installed in your computer. From the internet itself, you can download Malayalam fonts. Many websites provide the facility of learning Malayalam language namely www. . Check it out and choose the best one for your studies after doing some research about it.  


You should first learn the Malayalam alphabet. Then learn simple words in Malayalam language. You can learn the language easily, if you have an attitude for learning Malayalam language.  



As a hobby too, you can learn Malayalam language. Try to learn little by little. Don’t make a rush in learning the language. Practice each alphabet of Malayalam through writing. Oral practice is not enough. Remember a proverb, practice makes a man perfect. Once you learn the alphabet, then move on to learn words. Do you know the Malayalam translation of the English word namely ‘he’? It is “avan’ in Malayalam. 

For the English word namely “came”, the corresponding Malayalam translation is “vannu”. Do you know the Malayalam translation of the English word namely ”will come”? It is ‘varum’ in Malayalam. Then learn short sentences of two to three words. For the English words “he goes’, the corresponding Malayalam translation is “avan pokunnu”. For a simple English sentence namely “he eats an apple”, the Malayalam translation is “avan oru apple tinnunnu”.  

Once you learned the Malayalam language, watch Malayalam programs in the television and of course Malayalam movies. Then you can easily understand how the people speak the language. For improving the speaking skills of the language, you can talk to your Malayalam speaking friends or neighbors. The Malayalam translation for a simple English sentence namely ‘how are you?’ is ‘sukhamaano?’ Do you know the Malayalam translation of a simple English sentence namely ‘what is your name?” It is “ ninte perentaanu?’ If interested, you can buy Malayalam story books from a shop in your neighborhood and start reading the book. 

If you install Unicode Malayalam fonts in your computer, then you can read and type Malayalam properly. A code number of 3333 is given to the first Malayalam alphabet namely ‘a’. By using a number code, computer represents an alphabet. The currently using coding system is ASCII. In the web, many Malayalam news sites provide the facility of reading the news in the regional language. You can find it out and start reading any Malayalam news daily as per your choice. Some of the Malayalam daily includes Malayala Manorama, Deepika, Mathrubhumi, Mangalam Daily, Deshabhimani etc. 

Some people like sports news more than national news. Such people can use Malayalam daily to read the latest information from the World of sports. Other areas of Malayalam daily include national news, international news, entertainment news, health news etc. Each day, you should spend some of your valuable time for reading and writing Malayalam language. You can encourage your non-Malayalee neighbors to learn Malayalam.    



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