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How to find a good medical Translator?  


Medical translations, more so than any other translations, consistently have to be accurate to the highest possible standard. These documents can, after all, make a difference of life and death for patients.  


Mistakes made during translations can have a whole list of serious consequences no medical authority would wish to experience or have to cope with. For this reason, getting medical documents translated by only the best, highly trained specialists is of vital importance to. 


The first step of finding a suitable translation agency is therefore to look for someone who does actually specialize in medical translations. These individuals or companies not only have the linguistic skills required, they also have the necessary knowledge of medical terms, etc. 


It is also necessary to find translators who not only specialize in the field, but who also know about the culture and local nuances of the country a product or service is to be provided in.  


Finding someone who has preferably lived and also worked in a country over prolonged periods of time, or someone who is native-born and fluent in both source and target languages is preferable.  


Medical translations are subject to a list of laws, regulations and recommendations, as well as industry specific standards. Looking for someone who is in compliance to these standards and has the certification to prove it is therefore equally important. 


Finally, it is advisable to look for membership in reputable linguistics organizations. The more varying language certification a company or individual has, the better.  


Naturally, getting references or reviews from previous clients will also help to make an informed decision. A company may have a list of certificates, but generally tends to be a little careless when dealing with translations. References will highlight such problems. 


If you require translations of medical documents such as packaging labels and brochures, software and/ or user manuals, training documentation, medical glossaries, questionnaires or informed consent documents and patient information into Indian languages, look no further.  


Our translators have been trained to the highest industry standards and are fully versed not only in the languages, but in medical terms and their localized non-medical alternatives if the need to use them is required. 


We have solid experience and knowledge of translation into the most complex of Indic languages, including, for example: 

  • Gujarati 
  • Bengali 
  • Kannada 
  • Hindi 
  • Marathi 
  • Malayalam 
  • Oriya 
  • Nepali  
  • Tamil 
  • Punjabi 
  • Urdu 
  • Telegu 


This knowledge not only includes the basic language skills, but also language nuances, dialects, the very complex written styles used and cultural backgrounds of the regions these languages are spoken in. 


We take great care in our work and will put every translated text through a string of quality checks to ensure they are completely accurate every time.  


This includes using back translations to confirm that none of the source text's meanings have been somehow altered or lost, as well as having native speakers inspect the documents for readability and accuracy. 


Naturally, all documents are treated with the strictest confidentiality required for such sensitive medical documents. 


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