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How to read online news in Malayalam for free ?


Do you know how to read free online news in Malayalam? This article tells you about this. While searching the web, you can see that many websites provide such facility. As the name implies, for reading free online news in Malayalam, you don’t have to pay any fee. It is free. As a English daily, online Malayalam news covers different areas like sports news, health news, entertainment news and of course the day to day news around the World.  

Some of the Malayalam daily includes Malayala Manorama, Deepika, Mathrubhumi, Mangalam Daily, Deshabhimani etc. To provide Malayalam news, Malayalam fonts are used by the Malayalam sites. At the address bar of the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome type the name of the Malayalam news paper you want and press the enter key. For example, if you want to read the news of a Malayalam daily namely Malayala Manorama, just type Malayala Manorama at the address bar and press the enter key. If Malayalam fonts are installed in your computer, you are able to read within seconds. If Malayalam fonts are not installed, you have to install that font.  

In the website of Malayalam daily, there will be regional news, national news, international news, health news, entertainment news, sports etc. As per your choice, you can read any of the online news in Malayalam. The website will be updated regularly so that latest news is able to read immediately. You don’t need to wait for the next day’s Malayalam daily in the morning. 

For those interested people who are learning the Malayalam language or any interested person who knew how to read the Malayalam language can use the online facility for reading Malayalam news. If you have a computer and internet connection plus installed Malayalam fonts, at the comfort of your favorite home itself, you can read the Malayalam daily. You don’t need to travel to a library for reading the Malayalam daily.  

Sometimes you may be confused to choosing a Malayalam daily through online facility. If so, just type Malayalam daily at the address bar of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Within seconds, links to different Malayalam websites will be displayed. Choose the Malayalam daily that you want to read by pointing the computer mouse at the name of the Malayalam daily and just click the link once. Within seconds you will get the desired web page.  

You can encourage your friends and relatives by suggesting them to use the online facility for reading the Malayalam news. Some people don’t like politics and are interested in entertainment news. Such people can online facility of Malayalam daily to know the latest news from the World of entertainment. As far as students are concerned, online facility of reading the Malayalam news helps them to improve the reading skills of Malayalam language and they will get necessary information in different areas like current affairs, sports, latest developments in science and technology, entertainment etc. Every day, thousands of people are enjoying the facility of reading free online news in Malayalam




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