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How to write Malayalam document in Word? 


Is it possible to write Malayalam document in Word? Yes it is. While searching the web facility for the offers, you can view that many such sites provide such facility. Before choosing the offer, you can do some research about it. For those Malayalam speaking people, who are not fluent in English language can definitely use Malayalam document in Word for communication. 

Malayalam word processing software is available in the market today. Such software is easy to use. You can purchase such software through online facility. Email support, spell checker Malayalam etc are some features of Malayalam word processing software. If you have any doubts related with such software, feel free to contact them as early as possible through mail or phone and clear your doubts. The instructions of such software are simple that any person can understand them easily. Without learning a new keyboard layout, you can learn how to write Malayalam document in Word.  

You can encourage your Malayalam speaking friends to use Malayalam document in word for communication and enjoy the facilities for many years.  



What are the advantages of Malayalam document in word? You will not forget your favorite language of Malayalam, after your studies in school.  Many people will work after completing their education. As a result most of the communication will be in English. Most of the correspondence will be in English, If you make a decision that you will communicate with Malayalam speaking friends through Malayalam only it will  be a good idea to keep in touch with the language.      

The website link namely www. one such site where you can write Malayalam document in Word. is another link through which you can write Malayalam document in Word. You can store a small piece of code namely transliteration bookmarklet in your browser so that you can type in Malayalam. As an example, you can send Malayalam messages to your Malayalam speaking friends or relatives while chat time or you can edit a Malayalam article etc.    

If you are new to Malayalam word processing software, you may have some confusion at the beginning. Remember practice makes a man perfect. Within two or three day, you will be familiar with the software and definitely use it for many years. Another online Malayalam typing software link is When you type a word in the box where you can enter the sentence or word, it will be converted to Malayalam characters automatically.  In that editor box, the text you entered can be bold, underlined etc. If you are choosing lipikaar Malayalam-typing software, follow the rules like which English character will be for the Malayalam character. For example, in lipikaar, if you use the English character “s” for once, its corresponding Malayalam character will be “sa”. If you press the English character namely “s” twice, then corresponding Malayalam character will be “sha”. As you do in word, you can copy or cut any contents from one location and paste it to another location.  


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