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Learning Malayalam: 4 simple steps to get started


As a first step, to learn Malayalam language through online, you can do some research about the online websites which provide such facility. Read the instructions and follow them. In case you have any doubts, feel free to contact them through phone or mail and clear your doubts. If you need a live chat support, it is also available with websites. The second step is you have to register with such website for learning the language with a user name and password.  

In your computer, to get Malayalam fonts, the software have to be installed. The website authorities help you to do so. In book stores, Malayalam-English alphabet book is available. You can buy such book for reference. What is the third step in learning the Malayalam language? Learning Malayalam alphabet is the next step.  



Try to learn simple Malayalam alphabet like “u”, “ra” etc and then learn complex ones like “au”, “sa” etc. Oral learning is not good. Learning by writing is good. Each day, try to learn little by little. You will not be bored. Also you can learn the language too. Once you learned the Malayalam alphabet, you can learn simple words of Malayalam language. Some examples of simple words of Malayalam are “avan”, “aval” etc. The English equivalent of “avan” is “he” while that of “aval” is “she”. 

As you know a sentence is a group of words. The fourth step in learning Malayalam language is to learn simple words and simple sentences. Each word, sentences, conversations etc can be learned easily. An example for simple Malayalam sentence is “nyan pokunnu”. The English translation of this sentence is “I am going”. Do you know the English translation of the Malayalam sentence namely “ninte perentaanu? It is “what is your name?” The online facilities help you to learn the alphabets and its pronunciation easily. 

You can watch Malayalam movies after learning the Malayalam alphabets and words so that you can understand how the characters of the movie speak. While watching Malayalam TV programs or Malayalam movies, you can learn the language easily. You can read Malayalam story books too. Above all, you should have an interest in learning Malayalam language. If you have a Malayalam speaking friend, he or she too can help you in learning the language.  

At first you will find some difficulties in learning Malayalam language. Don’t be disappointed. As a proverb, slow and steady wins the race, with determination you can learn Malayalam language easily. There are free Malayalam language learning sites and paid sites. As the name implies, Free Malayalam learning sites do the job as a service to the people around the World. You have to pay fee for learning the language in paid sites. If you are coming to visit Malayalam speaking places like Kerala, Lakhshadweep etc, as a tourist you can easily communicate with the local people, once you learned the language. There is no short-cut in learning Malayalam language. Practice by reading and writing the language is the final solution.  




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