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 Malayalam Fonts and Software


Have you heard of Malayalam fonts? What is its use? With the help of Malayalam fonts, you can read any Malayalam daily, Malayalam books, Malayalam mails etc. To know more about Malayalam fonts and Software, the web facility is the best.  

Malayala Manorama, Deepika, Mathrubhumi, Mangalam Daily, Deshabhimani etc are some Malayalam daily. For those people who knew only Malayalam language or any interested people who knew the language can read Malayalam daily through internet. The vowels (svaram) of Through different Malayalam fonts, each letter can be written in stylish manner as in English fonts. You can easily communicate with your friends or family members in Malayalam language, if you have downloaded the Malayalam software. If is easy to download it. It takes few seconds to do it. Technical knowledge is not necessary. Lots of Malayalam software is there. Which one to choose is a difficult task for you. Take enough time to understand them and select the best one for you.

If you want to install Malayalam fonts in your computer, it is possible. Just click the line of download font. It is good before downloading fonts, use the web facility to know The websites namely malayalamfont .in/, font.htm, , helps you to know more about Malayalam fonts. You can encourage your Malayalam speaking friends to download Malayalam fonts and try to communicate through Malayalam language.  

Heard of Typeit? It is a free Malayalam language text editor. It is from LEO software. In Malayalam language, you can type and edit documents through this editor. Five keyboards namely Inscript (ISM), GIST, MalayalamTypewriter, Panchari and Varityper Phonetic keyboard Layout, this editor supports. You can use the Typeit editor without any difficulty, if you are familiar with Windows.   

By pressing Caps Lock, you can easily shift between English font and Malayalam font in Typeit. The user interface of Typeit is simple. By pressing F2, you can change keyboard layouts for ISM, for GIST – press F3, for Malayalam typewriter – F4. Hyphenation is another feature of Typeit. Your documents will be automatically hyphenated by Typeit. To other documents, you can export it correctly. You can switch off by Hyphenation->Auto Hyphen command from Tools Menu, if you don’t want hyphenation. Malayalam font is ML-TTRevathi. By using SetFont command from Format menu, font size and font can be changed.  

Many Malayalam software are available. If needed, do research about it before its purchase. One such software site is Through lipikaar, you can type Malayalam language using English keyboard. Lipikaar requires no learning. Within seconds, you can easily type Malayalam keywords. This Malayalam typing software works with Windows Desktop Applications like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Wordpad, Internet Explorer, etc. Free Malayalam software is available. As the name implies, for free software, you don’t need to pay any penny. You can download such software for free. Other sites of Malayalam software includes,,, etc.  

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