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Medical Translation Resources on the Internet  


Medical translators make use of some of the best of the many medical translation resources available on the Internet. These resources include, among many others, access to a vast range of medical dictionaries in various languages, glossaries of medical terms, terminology pages and sites providing information on clinical trials. 


Some of the most useful basic medical information may, for instance be found at sites such as BioMedSearch, Free Medical Dictionary, Dorland's Medical Dictionary (Illustrated), the eMedicine Medical Dictionary, Stedman's Medical Dictionary or MT Desk, which is generally viewed as an essential resource for medical translators.  


Other sites include the National Library (Medicine), PubMed, Gray's Anatomy and Spine Health, or Ed's Medical Terminology, Clinical Trials, which provides information on various human research studies and clinical trials; the American Medical Association, the Merck Manual, AccessMedicine by McGraw Hill, PDR Health or Reading an EKG. 


Medical, pharmaceutical and other specialty glossaries, dictionaries etc are widely available in a wide range of languages, from German, Spanish and other European languages to Asian, Arabic, African and both Far and Middle Eastern languages being available. 


While it is naturally impossible to list them all here, we can provide an example of a place where hundreds of such sites are listed and linked to, a site known as This site does literally provide hundreds of links leading to all sorts of resources in a range of languages. 


Apart from the many purely medical or pharmaceutical glossaries, it is also possible to find many resources listing more general health care terms, procedures, etc, as well as often necessary legal terms. 


In addition, translators can access a wealth of so-called translation memory software, either to download and use off line, or for online use. This is naturally one of the most important resources for any translator, as using this kind of software allows them to add their own terms and phrases as they come across them.  


This ultimately makes it more and more unnecessary to spend a long time to look for specific terms over and over again, as terms are added once they have been translated and will be ready and waiting for future use. 


This kind of software is, apart from many other sources, available from translationzone,, sdl, translationjournal,, omegat, wordfast or multicorpora. 


Ultimately, it is a case of taking a look and seeing what is actually available. There are not just a hundred and one resources for medical translators on the Internet, there are thousands. Finding the most suitable ones really does depend on individual requirements.  


There is little pint in us providing a whole load of ideas for resources to translate medical texts into German, when the intended target language is one of the many Indian languages spoken throughout India and communities around the world, for instance. 


Essentially, it is possible to find all the resources a translator could possibly wish for at the tip of one's fingers, or the click of a mouse. 



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