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Translation of medical Labels  


Medical labels need to be impeccably accurate in order to avoid potentially fatal over-doses by patients. Recent studies have shown that medical labels translated by using free computer generated online translation tools can - and will - lead to some of the most horrific errors being made. 


A man whose blood pressure regulating medication was supposed to be taken once a day, for example, ended up taking his medication 11 times in a day, because his label - translated into Spanish with the help of such a tool generating translations - told him to do so. 


The consequences of such drastic errors are unbearable to think of. For this reason, it is much more advisable to use professional translating agencies with highly qualified staff to translate medical labels.  


This is not only vital for Spanish labels, but for all languages and in particular the many different languages that are spoken in India. These particular languages, but especially their written forms, are very complex.  


If potentially fatal errors can be made with a comparatively easy language such as Spanish, how much more can a very complex, difficult language lead to mistakes.  


It should be remembered that a computer generated translation will only take specific words into consideration. Medical terms and phrases, or numbers in the context of such terms are not checked, they are simply generated, essentially at random.  


This is how the label mentioned above ended up being so terribly wrong. The machine generating the translation read the 'once' in the English original as being the 'eleven' this very word means if used in the Spanish language. It did not recognize it as the English word, but interpreted it as a Spanish word instead. 


A professional translator would have seen the word and translated it as 'una vez', which is what the English term 'once' actually means in Spanish. The same principle obviously applies to translating medical labels into Indic languages. 


By using actual human beings capable of speaking and writing a language in the way it should be written, fatal errors like this one are easily avoided. 


A team of very highly skilled, experienced translators can translate medical labels without users having to fear that their label may be telling them to take the wrong dosage of their medication. We have such a team, capable of translating medical labels into 12 common Indic languages. 


If your medical labels need to be translated for patients speaking Bengali, Hindi or Urdu; Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telegu or Marathi; Nepali, Malayalam, Oriya or Kannada, then do not take their lives into your hands by using a computer generated translation facility - give us a call. 


We provide only translations of the highest standard, all our translations are checked and checked again to ensure they are absolutely perfect before we return them to you - your clients' lives are safe with us.  


Let's face it, even if patients survive a major error, the costs involved in a lawsuit as a result of implied negligence are more than saving a little on translations is worth. 

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