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Translation of operating Manuals for medical Devices  


Operating manuals or instructions for medical devices should be clear and easy to follow. While this is usually the case in the language they were originally written in, translations are often impossible to understand as a result of wrongly translated words, meanings of particular passages having been lost in translation, etc. 


While such weird and wonderful translations - usually devised by amateurs or computer generated translations through free online translating tools - can at times raise a giggle if they happen to be for simple little gadgets or household equipment, when it comes to medical devices, such errors can potentially cost a patient his or her life. 


This is why translations for operating manuals for medical equipment should always be undertaken by trained professionals. Translators of such documents not only speak the languages they are translating into fluently, they have undergone a minimum of three years worth of translator training, have gained experience as translators and usually have spent even more time becoming specialists in the field of medical translations.  


In other words, they know exactly what they are doing, they have access to a list of specialist tools and they will get it right. Medical devices are sensitive instruments, and their use should be saving lives, not risking them. By obtaining professionally translated operating manuals, manufacturers not only protect users and patients, they also protect their own interests. 


A badly translated manual resulting in a patient's death or even 'just' an injury can have serious repercussions for a company. Lawsuits are rarely cheap and compensation claims can go into millions of dollars a time. Not to mention the effect such a lawsuit would have on the reputation of a manufacturer.  


We are a company offering our services of translating operating instructions for medical devices into many of the most commonly used languages in India, including Oriya, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi, Telegu and Marathi, as well as Bengali, Malayalam, Nepali, Kannada and Tamil. 


All of our translators are experts in their fields and will provide translations of the very highest accuracy and standards. On top of this, all translations will be checked repeatedly, including by individuals who speak the language documents are translated into as their native language. 


We leave nothing to chance and our clients will have the continued assurance that the operating manuals they distribute to their users will give the users the clearest, most accurate instructions necessary to successfully use the medical devices they have purchased without the risk of injury or death. 


In the short term, it may be cheaper to use a bilingual staff member or free tools to translate manuals. In the long run, however, this practice could cost a company its reputation, as well as millions in financial terms. 


Taking this risk is never worth it. The lives of patients may depend on how operating manuals have been translated. To ensure their lives are not put at risk in any way, give us a call and get a quote for the translation of your manuals today. 


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