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Why Translating Your Website in Malayalam makes Sense?  


Translating your website in Malayalam make sense – Is it? Any information in your website around the globe can be read through your favorite Malayalam language after translating your website in Malayalam. There are lots of Malayalam language lovers around the World.  


Some people learn the Malayalam language as a hobby of learning a different language. Once learned the language, they will be interested in reading more Malayalam books, watching Malayalam TV news, or any other entertainment programs. Through watching Malayalam TV programs, it will more clear to understand the pronunciation of different Malayalam words. 


If you and your friend knew Malayalam language, communication will be easier for both of you. English is an universal language. Not all people can read your website content, if your website is translated into Malayalam. For those people, who knew the language can only read the Malayalam website contents. 

In a Malayalam website, all the content includes Malayalam sentences, which contains Malayalam characters. “Avan”, “aval”, “atu” etc are some Malayalam words. The equivalent English translation of these words include he, she, that etc. The vowels (svaram) of Malayalam alphabet are as:    




www. a link of a website through which you can learn Malayalam easily. Malayalam fonts used in Malayalam websites can be used for reading, writing or typing letters, emails, articles etc. The Malayalam language is spoken by 35.9 million people. Due to the social transformation that took place between AD 7th and 15th centuries, the evolution of Malayalam language started.   

Some examples of Malayalam words are as “ varu erikku “, ”nadakkuka” etc. The English equivalent of the words are “come sit”, “to walk” etc.  Example of a simple Malayalam sentence is “avan oru apple tinnu”. The English equivalent for this Malayalam sentence is “he ate an apple”. There are many Malayalam websites. You can check with the web facility. You can read Malayalam news or magazines or books like classic, novels etc as per your choice through online facility.   

Today, learning a language is not a difficult issue. If you have an internet and a computer, any interested person can learn any language from his/her favorite home. As you know, practice makes a man perfect. At the beginning stage, it will be difficult for you while learning a new language. Some people had studied a little and they are fluent in their regional language. For such Malayalam speaking people, Malayalam websites are really helpful in communicating with others. What they need is they should learn how to operate a computer, how to work with Gmail or Yahoo etc.  

Most of the people communicate with many people in English language due to work schedules. Through Malayalam websites, they get exposure to read Malayalam letters or chat with Malayalam speaking friends/family members so that their favorite language will not be missed. If you not use a language for long time, you may forget the alphabets. Through Malayalam websites, you will get a chance to communicate in Malayalam language itself.  

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