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Why translate Patient Questionnaires into Punjabi?  


Patient questionnaires are designed to gather information on how patients feel about the services they have receive, the experiences they have had, etc.  


The whole point of these questionnaires is to get as broad a view as possible to determine whether the services offered are sufficient, or whether certain aspects may need to be improved. 


Obviously, excluding certain members of the public by giving them questionnaires they do not understand not only cuts down the amount of people interviewed, it could also be regarded as racial discrimination. This is obviously an unacceptable state of affairs. 


For this reason, questionnaires have to be translated into a variety of languages. Many areas within both the US and the UK have large Indian communities. A great deal of these communities consists of families speaking Punjabi. 


Although many of them speak at least a little English, they often find it very difficult to fill in English questionnaires. Often they do not bother filling them in because they simply do not understand what they are about, or they try to answer the questions, but fail to give their proper thoughts because they didn't quite get the right meaning of questions. 


To avoid this problem and get their views properly included in surveys, patient questionnaires have to be translated into Punjabi. Not only this, but they have to be translated accurately. 


For this purpose, they need to be translated by experienced translators. Like many of the Indic languages, Punjabi is a very complex language, with many nuances and quirks a computer generated translation simply would not consider. 


Using such a toll may result in the meaning of certain questions being completely lost, again resulting in the wrong answers. 


By using a professional translation agency like ours, this problem can be prevented. Our experts are specialized in translating medical documents and patient questionnaires into Punjabi and a variety of other Indian languages. 


The translations provided by our team are produced with the help of excellent tools and very carefully checked for accuracy. Back translations by additional translators are performed to ensure the meaning of thee text has not been changed or lost altogether during the translation process. 


Once we are happy with our translations, they are checked again by native speaker of Punjabi, who are also fluent in English and will be able to determine whether all is how it should read. 


By the time we submit translations to our clients, they can be assured of total accuracy and the highest standard of work. As a result of this, our clients are able to get the views of a much larger percentage of the local population and draw their conclusions with the secure knowledge that all their patients were included in the survey. 


No health authority can afford to be accused of racial discrimination due to their failure to translate their documentation, patient information or patient questionnaires into the languages their patients speak correctly.  


To have your patient questionnaires translated correctly into Punjabi, call us for a quote. 


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