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Forming the foundation of many present-day languages of India, Sanskrit is the oldest language of this country. Even languages like Hindi and Urdu owe its origin to Sanskrit. The earliest form of Sanskrit, known as Vedic, was the language of communication of the Aryans. By 100 B.C., Sanskrit had died, but much like Latin in the West, it remained the language of choice for poetry and drama in the royal courts. Sanskrit was also the foundation of many scientific, philosophical and religious texts and theories.


Old is Gold 


Other than India, Sanskrit is spoken in many parts of South and Southeast Asia. Buddhist scholars and monks of China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam are conversant in Sanskrit. As per official records available, in 1991, there were nearly 50,000 people who were fluent in Sanskrit and approximately 200,000 people to whom Sanskrit was the second language according to information available in 1961.  


While Sanskrit can be regarded as the core language of the Hindu religion, its origin is Indo-European. It is also the basis of other religions like Buddhism and Jainism. A good parallel could be drawn between Sanskrit and Latin and Greek of Europe. One of the official languages of India and one of the oldest known Indo-European languages,   

it has a documented history which is close to  3500 years old.  


Sanskrit – a language of high origin and higher values 


 Sanskrit has a rich origin and even richer usage. Used as the primary language for many ancient religious and scientific theories and discourses in India, Sanskrit was never conceived as just another language for communication. It was treated as a “refined” manner of speaking. Consequently, fluency in the language was considered as a hallmark of higher social class and top-class educational achievement, being taught mostly to Brahmins.  



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