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Brand Analysis

We provide brand analysis and check for seeling your products in the target market. This is done by in-country linguists who are from the market where you want to sell. Find out more

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International Brand Analysis  Service and Checking

The amount of brand strength a company has compared with its competitors is intangible which makes it hard to accurately measure. Combinations of techniques from competitor analysis can be used to form a relative comparison of companies over time.

Strength in branding can help speed up new product acceptance; enable market share penetration with efficiency in advertising; and serve as resistance to price erosion.

Branding power measurement is an important way that companies can keep track of their position in the specific  market.

Choosing a name for your product is a time consuming and costly affair. After months of efforts if you find that you can not use the name because

  • The name has a negative connotation in the market of your choice
  • The name is diificult to pronounce by the customers in your target country
  • The name is already used by other company
  • The name has negative meaning
  • The name is not appropriate 

You can save money and time by using our brand analysis services.

We give 5 in-country linguists a list of 8 questions about your brand or name which you  supply

We'll send all the completed questionnaires back to you to help you make your decision.

Each brand check includes 5 linguists answering 8 questions for one language.

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